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All 20 children at Wings of Refuge Children's Home are now fully sponsored. 



  • Darvensly Jean-Brice
    Darvensly Jean-Brice Born September 6th 2011 in a single parent home with just his mother, Betty Jean-Brice. Since Betty found out she was pregnant, she has not seen Darvensley’s father and has no idea of his where abouts or if he is even alive. A few months after Darvensly was born, Betty…
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Wings of Refuge Children's Home

Wings of Refuge Chilren's Home

Wings of Refuge Inc. exists to promote the physical, mental and spiritual transformation of underprivileged children in Haiti and to empower them with opportunities for success in obedience to the call of Christmas.  We partner with Pastor Roger Wilson Charles and his wife, Gladys Charles in seeing this become a reality for the children that call Wings of Refuge Children's Home their home and family.

Wings of Refuge Children's Home in Petion-ville, Haiti opened its doors on May 21, 2011 and is currently home to thirty four children.  On December 26, 2012, the children and staff moved from a rented house into their brand new (unfinished) home in Pernier.  Here the children receive three meals a day (as well as lots of snacks), an in-depth education, clean clothes, a family in the form of lots of brothers, sisters, moms & dads, and lots of love that points them to the limitless love of Christ.  In partnering with Wings of Refuge Children's Home, WOR Inc. has come alongside what is happening locally in Haiti through the care of God's beloved children.

Pray with Us

  • Health & Growth for our children, staff, Lynny our director, Pastor Wilson and Manmi Pas (Gladys)
  • Raising the fund needed to finish Wings of Refuge Children's Home - $50,000
  • Having all 34 of the children fully sponsored
  • Hearing God's leading for our Wings of Refuge, Inc. stateside board and team
  • A successful Spring Banquet on April 2nd
  • For Board Member, Alexa DeMiglio, who left for Haiti in May for 6 months. For more information on Alexa's Mission, or to donate, click here

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